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Client Stories

Saving the family business

A family business was in dire need of assistance. Their bank had told them they were no longer willing to support them – in fact, they were exiting the industry. Our client was taken by complete surprise and frightened they were about to lose everything. These were family assets that had passed through generations. Sure, the business was losing money however they were building significant inventory that needed to “mature”.

Client Stories

Stepping in to help with the books

Any small business owner knows that bookkeeping is essential to running a successful operation. A client came to us and advised that their current bookkeeper had resigned because the workflow and responsibilities had become too much to handle. Read how we managed the bookkeeping services while supporting the client to find a new partner for this role.

Client Stories

Executing an estate with a tax-effective result for all

Estate planning is a critical part of wealth planning. It sets out the legally binding conditions of how a person’s wealth – their legacy – will be distributed and used after they die. Learn how we work with family, beneficiaries and the executors of estates to ensure the most tax-effect outcomes.

Client Stories

Restructuring a partnership for an exit and fresh start

Business partnerships can be effective ways for small businesses to scale and grow. The partnerships can bring new capital, capabilities, resources, and so on. Read how we assisted a client in transitioning to a new company structure to support a new partnership.