Your Legacy. Our heritage.

Together, we are building true wealth and real success


Our heritage

Our story is much like that of our clients. We started as a humble stock and cattle agent, advisors to rural families, in 1897 under the moniker WF Allworth and Sons.

Over the decades Chapman Eastway emerged. It has evolved and grown, through inter-generational reviews to become the successful organisation it is today.

The last 126 years have provided many lessons. We have experienced great ups, and survived many challenges. We understand the desire to create a sustainable legacy, to ensure we leave this business in good shape for the next generation and beyond.

It is through the lens of this heritage that we support and partner with our clients.

The present

We are the partners of choice for those seeking to build the knowledge and expertise required to empower lasting success.

We understand the need for discretion and privacy, alongside trusted advice, lasting relationships and real accountability.

We are continuing to build our organisation to ensure we can grow your legacy now and into the future.

Our future

We will continue to embrace the opportunity to innovate and grow, to be thought leaders in our space for the benefit of our team and our clients.

We’re building our own legacy: a strong, capable team, a working environment that supports and nurtures talent. We celebrate out of the box thinking, customer care and partnership.

We know the paths we choose now will determine our success in the years to come.

Team story

Knowing I can work towards developing expertise in a specialisation of my choice, while receiving continued guidance from the firm is reassuring and motivating.