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Chapman Eastway warns – Steer Clear of Tax Scams

CHAPMAN EASTWAY ALERT: STEER CLEAR OF TAX SCAMS Taxpayers have lost more than $1 million this year to tax scams involving fraudlent telephone calls and emails. These scams come in many guises but generally claim you have underpaid your taxes and are required to repay the tax debt immediately. They use personal information found online to convince tax payers they are legitimate. HOW TO IDENTIFY A SCAMMER:

  • The ATO will never cold call you about a debt and will never threaten jail or arrest.

Family farm at risk unless tax and super rules change

A major overhaul of superannuation, taxation and trust regulation is desperately required to properly recapitalise Australia’s aging agricultural sector, according to a new detailed report on family farming.

Chapman Eastway, which has been advising farming families for over a century, and Charles Sturt University have compiled a report on succession and inheritance with a long and detailed list of recommendations to smooth the transition for aging farmers and help maintain the viability of farming.

Talking to your children about family wealth

Any wealthy family is likely to confess that wealth provides a unique opportunity for a child to receive the ‘best education that money can buy’. In fact, most families I speak to prioritise the education of their children above all else.

The conundrum

Whilst the value of a good education is appreciated, why is it so difficult to talk about wealth and to extend the education to the subject of family wealth itself?

Asian families are clearly wrestling with the issue

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