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STEP (society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)

Chapman Eastway is proud to announce that Michael Pisani, Daniel Baldovin and Luke Day have all become members of STEP recently, STEP is the worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family inheritance and succession planning.

STEP members help families plan for their futures, specialising in a wide range of activities, from drafting a relatively simple will to more complex issues surrounding international families, protection of the vulnerable, family businesses and philanthropic giving.

Talking to your children about family wealth

Any wealthy family is likely to confess that wealth provides a unique opportunity for a child to receive the ‘best education that money can buy’. In fact, most families I speak to prioritise the education of their children above all else.

The conundrum

Whilst the value of a good education is appreciated, why is it so difficult to talk about wealth and to extend the education to the subject of family wealth itself?

Asian families are clearly wrestling with the issue

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