One of our core strengths is establishing, structuring and managing complex family trusts. With over one hundred years’ experience navigating the ever-changing trust environment in Australia and overseas, we specialise in the strategic management of trusts to deliver maximum benefit to you, your family and your business. 

Our clients know we are on hand at any time of the day to provide expert advice, solve problems and ensure they make the most out of their trusts. 

We are fully congruent with the prescriptive rules of trust law and accounting and can help you manage difficult legislation provisions to achieve the desired tax and financial outcomes. 

We advise you in the following areas: 

  • Tax Planning and Advice: Creating, structuring and using particular types of trusts 
  • Managed Investment Trusts Advising on the establishment, operation and application of special taxation rules applying to managed investment trusts.
  • Trustee Resolutions: Advising on trustee resolutions for discretionary distributions of trust income and capital gains to help lower the tax payable on the distribution and ensure the appropriate beneficiary are taxed on the income or capital gain.
  • Deductions for tax losses: Determining whether trusts satisfy the trust loss tests to allow the trust to deduct current year and prior year trust losses.

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