Corporate Social Responsibility

Our culture embodies a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. We are dedicated to making a difference; through our own community involvement and working with our clients to facilitate philanthropic giving.

Our staff are encouraged to take paid leave each year to pursue a charitable project of their own choosing. This can be anything from establishing corporate social responsibility models for other businesses to volunteering their time at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

The firm is an active sponsor of events that raise awareness of the role of strategic philanthropy in the family and business context. Our skills in taxation, accounting and business structuring enable us to help our clients – both individuals, families and businesses to give back – in a smart and tax-effective way. Chapman Eastway advises our clients on the formation of private foundations and can help establish charitable giving programmes and bequests. In 2012, we founded the CE Charitable Foundation, which enables large tax deductible endowments to be managed with regards to ongoing compliance and administration.

For further information please contact Anthony Ryan.
Tel: +61 2 9262 4933