Estate Planning

We know the process of estate planning is hard, but we also know that it is vital – that’s why we listen carefully until we understand completely in order to develop a plan that works. Preparing and developing an Estate Plan is the only way to guarantee your estate is passed onto your chosen beneficiaries and your wealth is maintained in the most financially and tax effective way. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of family contestation. 

Preparing an Estate Plan is best done when you are young and healthy, so you have time to structure the estate in a way that delivers maximum benefit, with minimal taxation consequences. When people prolong the development of an estate plan, they often find their options are limited to arrive at a plan that works.

Chapman Eastway has extensive experience estate planning - working with our clients to evaluate their options, in the context of taxation, family legacy, wealth preservation and family relationships. We then set about implementing a plan, and then monitoring it and reviewing it so that everything runs smoothly throughout the transition period. 

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