Chapman Eastway has been managing the process of succession for Australian families for over 100 years. We know firsthand that navigating the transition process requires a holistic approach that involves a sensitive approach to family mediation, effective financial and taxation planning and consideration of the ongoing viability of the business. Chapman Eastway supports the family and the business throughout the transition process.

As outsiders, we look at the entire situation objectively and critically – assessing the needs of the family and evaluating the business’ capacity to satisfy these needs. We know that the longer families leave succession planning, the fewer options they have to withdraw funds and transfer assets in a tax effective way. We work closely with families early to initiate and revisit the plan as circumstances evolve and priorities change.

We use our extensive taxation and superannuation expertise in combination with our Business Advisory skills to develop holistic, flexible business plans that enable the family to reach their personal and financial goals and the business to function effectively. 

Chapman Eastway specialises in:

  • Preserving family legacy
  • Developing tax effective strategies for retirement funding and the transfer of assets
  • Providing certainty around the distribution of assets 
  • Family charters and governance
  • Conducting business diagnostics and review of affairs
  • Strategic business planning and KPI setting
  • Retirement planning 
  • Superannuation planning and advice
  • Tax structuring
  • Business structuring

In 2016, we conducted an industry-wide report on the nature of succession in Australian families, to read the report, click here. We speak at conferences all over the world including the 2016 STEP Conference ANZ Investors Summit about strategies to manage the process of succession. To talk to someone about succession and start planning your family’s financial future, contact Chapman Eastway now.

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