Accounting, bookkeeping and Statutory Records

We have clients across a range of industries and business sizes who know that when it comes to accounting, we are the ones to trust.  We are master accountants with a difference. Our staff are trained to identify irregularities and areas of risk and opportunity so we can deliver meaningful advice to each of our clients. 

Income Tax returns for individuals and businesses
Whatever the size of your business, we make sure you get every deduction and grant you and your business are eligible for. We structure your business in the most tax effective way, to position it for growth and ensure you get help along the way.  

Activity Statements (BAS, IAS, PAYGW)
Preparation and analysis of Business Activity Statements

Statutory Records and Registers
Maintenance of corporate registry requirements, including liaison with ASIC and preparation of company minutes. 

Management Reporting
Chapman Eastway provides in-depth analysis of your management reports so you can see exactly how your business is performing at any point in time. We send alerts so you can see when your business targets are not being met. We also provide Cash flow analysis and trend analysis.

Payroll Management
We manage the administration of your business so you don’t have to – ensuring all employees are looked after and compensated. We offer custom payroll solutions with personal service, allowing you to stay focused on your success.

Cash flow Management
We take responsibility for the management of cash in and out of your business – ensuring every cent is accounted for, you have peace of mind and your business can thrive.

Cloud Accounting
When it comes to Cloud Accounting, we make sure your business benefits from all the advantages of accurate, immediate and useful financial records. We take the time to interpret the data and provide useful recommendations to you about your business. Cloud Accounting lets you access your financial statements in real-time and monitor complex tasks such as detailed timesheet management, payroll, customer relationships and inventory management. Our reporting formats for year-end financial statements tell the actual story about your profit and net worth in a way that is easily understandable and genuinely beneficial. 

Preparation of Financial Reports: We develop general and special purpose reports and IFRS compliant Consolidated Group financial statements. 

Our Management reporting service includes: 

  • KPI Setting and Analysis
  • Benchmark Reporting
  • Annual reports
  • Tailored Advice based on your management reports Concise reporting financial accounts 
  • Interim accounts for planning
  • Liaising with lenders on your behalf about the reports

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