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Chapman Eastway warns – Steer Clear of Tax Scams

CHAPMAN EASTWAY ALERT: STEER CLEAR OF TAX SCAMS Taxpayers have lost more than $1 million this year to tax scams involving fraudlent telephone calls and emails. These scams come in many guises but generally claim you have underpaid your taxes and are required to repay the tax debt immediately. They use personal information found online to convince tax payers they are legitimate. HOW TO IDENTIFY A SCAMMER:

  • The ATO will never cold call you about a debt and will never threaten jail or arrest.

Early Engagement Strategies with the ATO

In recent times, we have seen the ATO take steps towards building more open and transparent working relationships with taxpayers. These steps are being taken in the context of the ATO moving away from a traditional enforcement based focus, towards a service based focus.

As part of this exercise, the ATO have introduced some early engagement strategies which are intended to help taxpayers achieve greater degrees of certainty in managing their tax affairs.
These early engagement strategies include:

Xero – Online accounting software, hosted “in the cloud”

Whether you are at the office, home or on the Go, you have complete access to your data – allowing you to run your business from anywhere. Conveniently, this means that as your accountant we can also access your live, current and up to date data to make adjustments and make any necessary lodgements to the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”).

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